Paid Transfer's Available for qualified Applicants


Expectations from Applicants


  • You invest time into researching your class/role.
  • You equip yourself with the tools  and add-ons needed to preform. 
  • Required add-ons (Boss Mods, Weak Auras, and ERT) are installed
  • Discord is not optional, we communicate via text and voice
  • Life Happens, but we expect to be informed of the situation to adapt. 
  • Understanding that criticism is not a personal attack, rather a means for improvement. 

Commitments to Applicants


  • Each application will be reviewed fairly regardless of current needs. We are always recruiting exceptional players.
  • An approachable and fair officer core.
  • A fair split for any time spent in sell runs.
  • A sense of community with intelligent and driven players. 
  • Access to a guild bank that looks to take care of you by providing Repairs, BoEs, Enchants, Flasks, and more.
  • Inclusion in both raids and out of raid content including RBG's and M+ groups.   


How to apply

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. If you like what you see apply today.

Recruitment Needs

Tank Needs

 Full. Entertaining all exceptional applicants 

Healer Needs

Full. Entertaining all exceptional applicants

Ranged DPS

Afflic/Destruction Warlock

Fire Mage 

Melee DPS

Ability to Flex Tank/Heal is a plus!
If your class isn't listed, still apply!


Ret Pally

**= Paid Transfer/Faction Change available